Constitution of Japan Slovenia Business Council



Article 1

  This Council shall be named the Japan-Slovenia Business Council (hereinafter referred to as “JSBC”).
(Purpose) Article 2  

JSBC is a Non-political, Non-profit organization, whose object shall be to promote the business relationships between Japan and Slovenia through the interactions of companies, organizations. And also, it shall be to strengthen the cooperation in industries of the both countries, and build up good business relationships in third countries.


(Activities) Article 3   For the purpose of attaining such objects, JSBC shall be in the following activities.

1. Provide opportunities to exchange each country’s business related information which is necessary when companies and organizations in JSBC do business.
2. Support activities if necessary which are aimed for promotions of actual business and cultural exchange between Japan-Slovenia.
3. Promote business relations through cooperating with Slovenia-Japan Business Council.



Article 4

  JSBC shall have a Secretariat in order to deal with office works.
1. Members shall take turns to be in charge of Secretariat, and the term of Secretariat shall be two years.


(Membership) Article 5  

1. JSBC shall be composed of companies, organizations, and individuals which agree to the purpose in  Article 2. Approval by the Board of Directors shall be necessary to become a member.
2. Members shall have the right to vote in General Meetings.
3. Members shall be required to pay fees set in the article below during the relevant year.
4. Members shall be prohibited to use the name of JSBC personally for publications, affairs, or profit-making activities. Provided, however, that this shall not be applied when the Chief Director admits.
5. Members that have been failed to pay fees for more than a year shall lose the memberships provided in point 2, Article5. Members that have once lost the memberships but paid the fees which have been unpaid shall regain the memberships. Members that have been failed to pay the fees for more than 2 years shall be deemed to be withdrawn from JSBC. Members that brought significant disgrace on JSBC or strikingly deviated from JSBC’s purpose shall be expelled by the Chief Director following the resolution of the Board of Directors.
6. Members shall submit their withdrawal notice to the JSBC when resigning the memberships.


(Fee) Article 6  

Fee for the membership mentioned in point 3, Article 5 shall be as below:
Corporate Member
Annual Fee: \10,000

Individual Member
Annual Fee: \3,000 ※Students are free of charge.


(Officers) Article 7   JSBC shall have the following officers:
1. Chief Director, one
2. Directors, one to three


(Election of Officers) Article 8  

1. The Chief Director shall be appointed on the Directors’
recommendation. The same when reappointing.
2. The Directors shall be appointed on the Chief Director’s recommendation.


(Role and Term of Officers) Article 9   1. The Chief Director shall convene the joint sessions such as General Meeting of Members, and shall act as a chairman, and preside over the affairs of JSBC.
2. The Directors shall assist the Chief Director and shall perform duties on behalf of the Chief Director in case of necessity.
3. The term of the officers mentioned in Article 7 shall be 2 years and may be reappointed.


(General Meetings) Article 10  

1. General Meeting of Members, composed of the members mentioned in Article 5, shall be convened by the Chief Director and held more than once a year.
2. General Meeting of Members shall discuss and determine such as the revision of the covenant and important matters related to JSBC’s management.
3. A majority of the voting rights holders present at the meeting shall be necessary for the General Meeting of Members’ determination.
4. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Chief Director whenever the Board of Directors deems it necessary, or more than one third of the members, presenting a matter to discuss, demand to hold.


(Financial year) Article 11   The financial year of JSBC shall commence on the first day of April every year and end of the thirty-first day of March of the following year.


(Effective date) Article 12  

These articles shall take effect from 12th October, 2012.